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Learn how to conquer your home kitchen and make amazing meals with professional instruction.

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Virtual Cooking Classes

Our virtual cooking classes are the most excitement you will have at home. You will learn cooking skills, make amazing meals, and your entire family can join in on the fun.

5 Steps to a Successful Virtual Class

1. Decide if you are purchasing your ingredients from us or if you are shopping on your own. Then book your cooking class below.

2. We'll send you a Zoom link, recipes, equipment & shopping list.

3. Please measure and organize your ingredients but there is no need to cut or cook anything ahead of time. We'll show you the entire menu from start to finish.

4. To get detailed information about our Virtual Classes click here.

5. Sign into your Zoom account and enter your registration link. Then we will cook up a storm!

This is what our customers have to say.

My little girls (5 and 6) and I did the virtual biscuit making class this weekend and it was so much fun! We baked together and it was the perfect learning and entertaining experience for us. I will definitely be making some more Saturday morning biscuits. And next week I’m doing the virtual crepe making class. After quarantine, I should be an excellent cook!

Liz Marr Topping

Liz Marr Topping

This was my first experience here. The online class was explained well before and during the class, so we knew how to prepare and easily followed along. I've been baking for years and still learned something new. It was lot of fun and we will definitely be using the skills learned and this recipe again!

Julee Grosch

Julee Grosch

What an amazing experience for me, my wife and children! Highly recommend Chef Jeff!

Don Muller - CEO Erlanger Children's Hospital

Don Muller - CEO Erlanger Children's Hospital

Love this place. Have taken several classes and just finished my first virtual class “Macarons “. It was fun and successful. They actually instruct you and provide several pointers along the way. Always a positive and delicious experience!

Jane Hale

Jane Hale

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