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For Adults, Kids, Date Night, and Team Building
Cure boredom and bring sizzle back to your life! (You won't regret it)
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Is this your cooking life?

You go out to dinner, spend hard earned money, only to waste it on mediocre conversation?

Lack of knowledge about key cooking fundamentals keeping you from succeeding in the kitchen?

Are you failing to bond with your kids and feel like they are not learning the skills to survive on their own?

Are you just plain mad at eating bland, burnt meals?

Is prepping dinner taking forever?


Cooking Class Bulletin, $10 off your next class.

It's simple to add a cooking class to your life

We can boil away the boredom of your life. Join the fun and excitement of a Sweet & Savory Cooking Class. Simply pick a class from our extensive list on the "Cooking Class Calendar," add it to your cart, and check out. From there all you have to do is show up. We will guide you through your entire experience from beginning to end. Your time with us will fly by as you learn new skills, overcome challenges, laugh and engage with others, make new friends and bask in the glory of the amazing meal you created!


“We had a blast learning virtually with Chef Jeff and the crew. Our kids got engaged and learned lots of new terms and techniques! It was fun and laid back, without feeling like we had to do everything perfectly. Would definitely recommend for a date night or a fun family night!”

Terran Anderson

"This was our fourth class with The Sweet & Savory Classroom (first virtual session) and once again we felt we gained a lot and had a great “date night.” The live virtual class was so much fun and still intimate despite being on the laptop. We actually felt we could better hear and pay attention in the comfort of our own kitchen (in our case a boat galley)! We’re grateful for this opportunity to get excited about cooking new menu items that may have been out of our comfort level before."

Kristi & Brad Marquart

"That was the best way I could've spent a Saturday night in quarantine. It was social engagement, seeing friendly faces, learning new skills and information, and enjoying a delicious meal, all in one. My husband, who does not cook, holed up in his home office while my ipad blared and I dirtied every dish in the kitchen, but I shared the spoils with him and he said again and again how amazing the food was. I cannot WAIT to do it again!"

Natalie Cook

"Jeff Pennypacker has created a winner with this place. His passion for food, people, family, and community shine. A night here hits on all that's beautiful about living. The world needs this type of place run by an awesome, authentic family!"

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