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At the Sweet & Savory Classroom we put the "Fun" + "Functional" back into your team with a fun, interactive cooking class. Everyone loves our classes because at the end we all get to eat. Who doesn't love a great meal? All of this with an easy booking system below. Every detail including pricing is listed below.

First, see what a cooking class looks like.

Sweet & Savory Classroom Event Booking Information. Updated November 1 2023.

Here are the quick and easy steps to booking the perfect Event at The Sweet and Savory Classroom.

Please Note: Our Classroom is equipped for 28 people but it’s possible to accommodate more for some menus.

# 1  -  Choose Your Event Date and Time 

Our most popular time slots are: 9am-noon, 10am-1pm, 6pm-9pm. 

If you need a different time slot please let us know, we usually can accommodate.

Do you have a Date in mind for your Class? 

Please email us a few potential dates and we will look at the calendar.

# 2 - Choose Your Cooking Class

All classes are $99/person unless otherwise marked.

Groups of 18+ are discounted at $92/person. (Please see Pricing below for all details)

If you would like to save $5 per person, consider opening your time slot to allow other groups/people to share your class. We believe the more people in class the more fun it becomes. We have multiple groups in the same class regularly and everyone has a great time.

For the best pricing consider sharing your time slot with other groups.

For groups of 10 people or less we do add an additional $350 booking charge. To avoid this charge please open your time slot to allow others groups to share your class.

Please pick one menu from the list below.

1. Neapolitan Pizza - Handmade Dough, Fresh Mozzarella, Pizza Sauce

2. Thai Cooking - Summer Rolls, Larb, Pad Thai

3. Thai Street food - Chicken Satay, Fish Cakes, Pork Dumplings

4. New Orleans - Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Creole Shrimp and Grits, Beignets

5. Southern Cooking - Fried Chicken, Grits, Braised Veggies, Peach Berry Cobbler

6. Ramen- Make Noodles, Custard Eggs, Broth, Sweet Soy Chicken and other toppings

7. Ultimate Burger - Homemade Buns and Pickles, Fresh Ground Beef, Roasted Potatoes + 8 for bourbon tasting.

8. French Bistro - Bacon/Onion Tart, Seared Chicken with Mustard Cream, Chocolate Soufflé

9. Mexican - Handmade Tortillas, Guacamole, Enchiladas, and Churros.

10. Rustic Italian - Handmade Pasta, Fettuccine  w/Italian Sausage and Basil Cream, and Berry Tarts

11. Healthy Cooking - Braised Pork tenderloin, Sticky Rice, Stuffed Squash, Clafoutis.

12. Peruvian Cooking - Papas Rellena, Peruvian Chicken w/Green sauce, Tres Leches

13. Homemade Pasta - Handmade Pasta and Tortellini, Marinara, Bacon and Pea Cream Sauce.

14. Spanish Tapas - Stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Chorizo and Cheese Tortilla, Pan Con Tomate

15. Steakhouse Dinner - Wedge Salad, NY Strip Steak, Doughnuts w/Orange Compote. (+$7/person)

16. A Night in Havana- Grilled Romaine w/Lemon Yogurt,  Mojo Pork, Brown Butter Crepes w/Flambé Fruit.

17. The Soiree - Shrimp Flatbread, Grilled Flank Steak w/Charred Lemons, Bourbon Berry Cobbler.

18. Charleston Southern - Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese, Blackened Fish, and Pecan Pie. (+7/person)

19. Ragin Cajun - Crab cakes, Jambalaya, Bananas Foster.

20. Rockiń Moroccan - Grilled Veggies w/Lemon Sauce, Chicken w/Lemons, Cous Cous, Lemon Coconut Cake.

21. Black & Blue - Artisan Salad, Blackened Beef Tenderloin, Demiglace, Crème Brûlée (+$9/person)

#3   -  Choose your Beverage Service Option

We have a great selection of wine, beer, and bourbon served by the glass and bottle during class. Outside beverages are not permitted. (alcohol is not included in your class price).

Please let us know if:

1. Your guests will purchase alcohol on their own.

2. You/company will pay by consumption at the end of the event…..or

3. You DO NOT want alcohol offered at your event. 

#4 - Your Event Pricing and Deposit 

$92-$109/ Person + Alcohol + 22% Gratuity = Total for your class.

For groups of 10 people or less we do add an additional $350 booking charge. To avoid this charge please open your time slot to allow others groups to share your class.

$450 Deposit is needed to reserve your day and will be applied to the balance at the conclusion of your event. The final balance is also paid the day of your event.

We accept check, cash, Venmo, and credit cards. A 4.5% fee will be added for credit cards.

Most classes last 3 hours.

Minimums: We will gladly do less people but still charge for the minimum. Please contact us if your party does not meet the minimum.

Monday-Friday Daytime -10 person minimum. (Oct, Nov, & Dec minimum is 12)

Monday- Thursday Evening - 14 person minimum. (Oct, Nov & Dec minimums start at 16)

Friday and Saturday Evening - $3800 Flat Rate,

     Paid in full upon booking, 100% non-refundable inside 60 days, includes up to 28 people, does not include alcoholic beverages.

Please note it is your responsibility to send us the guaranteed number of attendees 7 days prior to the event date. You will be billed the guaranteed number or attendance, whichever is greater. No shows as well as decreases in guaranteed number less than 7 days prior to your event will be billed the per person price plus any additional items and gratuity. If we do not receive a guaranteed number for your event we will bill the estimate number or attendance, whichever is greater.

#5 Would you like to add on a gift to your class?

 Gift #1 - Sweet & Savory Apron $25 per person

Gift #2 - Discounted Sweet & Savory Gift card for every guest, You choose the face value and we will give you a 20% discount.

Gift #3 - Charcuterie Board - pre-set before your group arrives. $10 per person

Gift #4 - Bottle of S&S Signature Rub for each person. $8/person. Choose from

  • 1. Taco Rub
  • 2. Sweet Blackening Spice Rub
  • 3. Creole Seasoning
  • 4. Chef Jeff’s “Pennypacker” rub.

#6  - Dietary Restrictions and/or Allergies

Please send us a list of any dietary restrictions and/or allergies in your group. We are happy to accommodate!

Please let me know if you have any questions. It’s our pleasure to serve you!

We would love to book an event with you. Please email or call 423-661-8750.

Thank you, Chef Jeff