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We have the following positions open for immediate hiring at The Sweet & Savory Classroom:


1 Chef Instructor Position

1 Dishwashers Position

1 Classroom Assistant

See below for descriptions of each position.






Chef Instructor Position - Full Time Position

The Sweet & Savory Classroom teaches recreational cooking classes to adults and children. The Chef Instructor position is responsible for teaching cooking classes to adults and children in a fun and engaging manner.

What exactly is a Chef Instructor? A Chef Instructor at The Sweet & Savory Classroom is the leader in the room. The classroom is a special place where people from all over Chattanooga and the surrounding areas come to learn how to cook a meal in a completely hands-on experience. We use the word “experience” because that is what we create. Our “experience” is delivering top notch hospitality to every guest. We greet each and every guest with a warm welcome, we serve beverages, then proceed to teach a room full of people how to execute a three course meal from scratch. Every person in the room contributes to making the meal and the person we are looking for helps them as a guide; teaching and laughing with them, encouraging them to get their part of the meal complete. The Chef instructor teaches live demonstrations that educate and explain how to cook the dishes so that everyone can follow along to recreate the same thing, right there in the classroom. This wonderful “experience” that was filled with learning and laughter becomes our guests top memory. Then they come back over and over again and bring friends. A good chef instructor can manage all the elements of cooking, entertaining, time management, and anticipating what will go wrong each class so that every class is a huge success.


We're looking for a Chef Instructor to join our team who is passionate about teaching cooking and living out the cooking, life, and leadership principles we teach in their own life. 

Our Chef Instructors connect with our guests and engage them in such a way that no matter what their day was like before they walked in - they leave with a smile and their life has been changed.

To be successful in this position the Chef would need to be very engaging with people and a great communicator. The Chef we are looking for should be able to teach the fundamentals of cooking during group demonstrations and individually.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Serve Alcohol as needed (acquire a server permit through the state).
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Culinary Experience is required for this position. Knowing intimately how to Sauté, roast, braise, blanch, temper, knead, miss en place, make bread, knife skills, rendering, sweating, searing, and more.
  • Able to lead a small group of staff members.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. (If you are uncomfortable speaking in front of a group on a regular basis, this is not the job for you).
  • Be able to work independently to accomplish projects and tasks.
  • To learn as much as you teach.
  • Memorize and execute all menus. (We have over 100)

Teaching experience is not required, but the job is “teaching” so you would be trained how to execute our teaching principles.

It’s required for you to learn as much as you teach. We are constantly learning new things from cooking and recipes to leadership and techniques. If you do not take constructive criticism and feedback well then this position is not for you.

As part of this role you will be responsible for assisting the team with other important company responsibilities such as maintaining and managing low food cost, inventory, purchasing, labor management, and classroom cleanliness. Developing new menus, marketing and administrative work, sales, and any other opportunities needed to fulfill the operations of the company are also included in this position.



  • Prioritized work-life balance and a workweek that rarely exceeds 40 hours
  • Competitive wages + tip sharing
  • Leadership training and business development
  • Great Food
  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Enhanced food knowledge and cooking skills
  • Discounts on classes for family and friends
  • Access to a monthly parking space


We expect a high level of communication, presentation, and professionalism on and off the job. We take our business extremely serious and you would be expected to do the same. We operate a clean environment both physically and personally. No foul language in or out of the classroom is permitted, no cursing, sexual connotations, or disrespectful speech will be tolerated.

There will be an expectation to study menus and plan for classes outside of the classroom as well as administrative work.

This is an interactive position. You would be up on your feet daily, talking to customers, teaching them our core cooking fundamentals, managing the operation of the classroom in safe and cleanly manner. Our customers need an extreme amount of patience because they are learning a new skill.


This is a full-time salary position. It includes a mixture of nights, days, weekends and some holidays.

Salary: We are offering a starting salary of $36-$45K per year depending on skill level and experience.

Please let us know if you have any questions in regards to the above offer. Again, we are very excited to offer this position.

Some things to know:

We are a small business with 5 full time staff members and many part time staff members ranging from 16-65 years old. We work hard as a team to make S&S an amazing place to work. The Classroom is operated by Biblical principles in all we do.

Contact to apply.




Dishwasher Position:

Dishwashing at our classroom is a fun and engaging position. Our dishwashers work hard, interact with our guests, and work with our team to create a memorable experience for everyone. No prior dishwashing experience is necessary.

As a company, we try to teach all staff leadership, life, and cooking lessons along with the work we do. We believe in “investing” into our staff for the betterment of their future.

Dishwashing positions are for Teenagers/adults 16 years of age or older. It is preferred that you can drive! Dishwashers get to try amazing food and work with a great team in a clean and healthy environment.



Age - 16 year old +

Pay -  $10/hour + Tip Share

Shifts - Most shifts are 4:30-5 hours long. Hours can vary from 5-20 hours/week. Shifts are picked up through our scheduling app.


Contact Chef Jeff to inquire: 



Classroom Assistant Position:

Classroom assistants are the glue that helps us create an amazing experience for our guests. We are looking for a gregarious individual who really loves people, loves to serve others, and enjoys learning cooking skills. Again, this is a position that requires direct contact with the public so being comfortable talking to our guests is a majority of this position.


No cooking experience is necessary. Assistants are taught our cooking principles as well as how to engage our guests in a fun and interactive way. Assistants help the Chef set up for classes (setting out food, cutting boards, equipment). They also help operate the class by showing guests our core cooking principles in a more one-on-one way (we teach these to all assistants) and help clean up the class afterwards. We have a great team of Chef Instructors, dishwashers, and assistants already and would love to have you join us.



All Classroom Assistants are required to obtain a server permit.

Must have adequate Transportation

Dress conservatively

Pay: $10-$14 depending on performance + Tip Share

Age - 18+

Shifts - Most shifts are 5-7 hours. Mostly nights and weekends. Some daytime shifts do arise.


Contact Chef Jeff to inquire: 



Thank you!