Redeeming Class Credit/ Transfer

How to Redeem Class Credit and Transfer Credit

If you have class credit or transfer credit with us. Please check your account first. With our new website you will have to create a new password to log in. When we launched our new website (in 2020) we started adding credits back to your account but have not gotten to everyone yet.

If there is no credit in your account, please email us with the name and email address of the original order AND the class you want to transfer to. Please specify the name of the class and date. As long as there is room in the class, we will transfer you to it.

Please Note:

1. You will receive a confirmation email that your transfer has been taken care of. If you do not receive this email, you are not signed up for the new class.

2. You are responsible for paying any difference in the class price from one to the other plus $10 per person admin/processing charge to make the transfer. (This is not valid for COVID transfers from March-May 2020)