Virtual Cooking Class Info (New)

Everything you need to know about your Virtual Cooking Class.

Thank you for signing up for a virtual class. Please read the information below to get all the details about your class.


1.  There are no refunds or transfers on virtual classes. For our full cancellation/transfer policy please click here.

2. Please do not cook anything ahead of time. We will show you how to cook/bake everything during class. It is helpful to have everything measured out and organized for each recipe first. Please reference "How to Get Ready for Your Virtual Class" below.

3. You must have a Zoom account and be logged into your account before accessing the class. We have strict settings through Zoom to ensure only authenticated users can join the class.

4. We suggest logging in 30-40 minutes before class. We typically start the webinar 30 minutes before class so you can get settled in.

5. We are not available for last minute technical help as we are setting up for the class. Please log into the webinar early so that if you have any technical issues they can be solved before class starts.

6. You will not see or hear the Chef Instructor till the class start time. 

7. The Zoom link was emailed to you as soon as you purchased the class. If you do not have a confirmation email containing the Zoom login information then it's either in your junk/spam/promotions folder or your order was not successfully placed on our website.

8. If you cannot find an ingredient please substitute with something else you would like. If it's an essential ingredient such as yeast, please try your best to find it. If you are local we may be able to help. Asking a neighbor has helped many people as well.

9. Shopping and equipment list is included with the recipes.

10. Recipes are in the confirmation email you received after purchasing the class.

11. Whether you are shopping for your own ingredients or purchased ingredients from us, you will need to have on hand general cooking/baking items such as flour, salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil, etc.

12. Recordings will be available to download and keep for $15 if you already purchased a class. If you stumbled upon this page and have not signed up for the virtual class please do so first. OR you can purchase previous recordings here.

Instructions for ZOOM webinar:

#1 - Download Zoom to your computer. If you already have Zoom downloaded on your computer that’s great. If not, please go to and download the app to your device prior to class. Then sign into Zoom in your account first. After you sign into your account then you can join our meetingUse the registration link that was emailed to you in your order confirmation email to register. After registering you will receive an email with the link to join our class. 

#2 - We recommend staying in GALLERY VIEW so you can see both cameras. There will be one camera on the chef and the other on the food. 

#3 - We will start the webinar 30 minutes before class starts so you can get signed in and settled in. We will not start class or be answering any questions till the designated start time. 

#4 - Please keep all comments G rated as our viewing audience will be of all ages and because we value a clean, loving, environment. With that said, let’s have fun, laugh, joke, and make any snarky comments towards me that you would like. I love a good heckler. 

#5 - This registration link is unique to you. YOU MUST REGISTER on ZOOM to be a part of this class. If you purchased more than one spot and try to share it with someone it will not work. If you want to display the class on more than once device you will need to order another spot.

Chef's Notes for Sweet Classes:

Please print and take a look over the recipes. Baking is a science. It does work best of you pre-measure all of your ingredients before class with a scale. If you don't have a scale then the cup equivalents are listed on the recipe sheets.

Chef’s Notes for Savory Classes:

Please print and take a look over the recipes. Omit anything you don’t have, can’t find, or don’t like. Feel free to substitute anything you do like or have lying around. Please print your recipes ahead of time. It’s always nice to have something to take notes on.

Get your cooking station set up before class. Set out the pots, pans, bowls, etc that you may need.

Again, the class time will include all prep work, cooking, baking, etc. We will show you from scratch the entire menu although all of our ingredients will be pre-measured.

We suggest that you pre-measure all of your ingredients as well.

There Are 3 Ways to Communicate With Us During Class.

 #1 - Chat Feature - Feel free to use the chat feature throughout the class to talk to each other. Open the chat window by clicking on the chat box on the bottom of the Zoom video (also called a tile). Under the "To:" you can select from the drop down whether you want to private message someone, talk to all panelists (panelists are the Chef's), or talk to all panelists and attendees. We suggest you click on "all panelists and attendees" i fyou wish to chat with everyone who is on the Zoom Class.

#2 - Q&A feature - If you have a question for the Chef please use the Q&A feature. Please keep these questions related to what we are doing. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible but may not get to everyone.

#3 - Raise Hand Feature - If you would like to share your video feed (aka tile) to help you solve a problem, share a success, etc please use the “Raise Your Hand” feature. We will do our best to put you on the screen for all to see. Please remember….when you share your video feed EVERYONE will see you. Please keep it family friendly.

How to Get Ready for Your Virtual Cooking Class.

Watch this short video to show you how to prepare for class!

Let's Get Social During Class.

Please Share your experience on social media while we are cooking. 

Hashtag: #sweetandsavoryclassroom


Thanks so much for being a part of our virtual class!!