The Excellence you have it?

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I talk a lot about excellence at the classroom. Our job is to create an excellent experience for ALL guests. Chef Ted has probably heard me say "we don't have uhappy guests" at least 348 times since he came aboard full time. I can tell he takes that seriously because the 5 star reviews keep flooding in.

But what happens when we fail...We do fail sometimes and I don't like admitting it, not because of pride, but because it can weaken our future outcomes. I think if we give in to the notion that we are going to fail, that it's inevitable, we can easily allow failing and the excuse of "well we all fail" as a crutch not to work towards excellence. From my perspective I see two different mindsets.

Mindset #1. On my way to excellence I may fail a few times. It's natural but not the acceptable norm.

Mindset #2. I use failure as an excuse not to pursue excellence.


Which one are you?


With that said...I hope all of you know that I'm striving for excellence daily. It's a tough yet gratifying road. And I will continue climbing up that road all the days of my life. Recently on that road, I tripped and fell face first into a pile of rocks and came out bloodied and bruised. I had two guests, at separate times, comment to me that I made them uncomfortable in the classroom because I singled them out in banter. I greatly apologized and was instantly humbled by their comments. I felt terrible.


On my way to excellence I will be looking for signs that I have "gone too far" in my playful banter with close friends and guests. Please call me out, let me know, I can hear the tough stuff..frankly I don't like hearing it, as most people don't, but I decided many years ago...that the tough stuff is necessary to get to the good stuff.


I hope you are blessed today!


Chef Jeff

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