RECORDED - Cream & Meringue Pies

RECORDED - Cream & Meringue Pies


Cream and Meringue Pies

Oh how I love a good piece of pie..........and then you add cream, and meringue and it just gets even better! In this class you will be making 2 pies! YES, I said 2 pies! Your very own signature cream pie (you will have your choice of lemon, coconut, chocolate, or vanilla) and lemon meringue pie.

Pie Menu:

  • Cream Pie (flavor of your choice)
  • Lemon Meringue Pie

Ingredient list and equipment list will be emailed to you after you place your order. (If you have trouble locating it in your email, check promotions folder or spam.) This is a great class for all ages! Let the whole family get involved!