Classroom/COVID Update

Students, Chefs, Friends, and Family,

Below you will find our plan moving forward. It includes information about our Classes, COVID19 plan, as well as some new offerings.

IN- PERSON CLASSES - We are excited to announce that we have opened for in-person classes with social distancing and masks. We will have in-person classes each Friday along with kids camps the entire month of July. Virtual Classes will continue on the weekends and maybe even a few on weeknights. As we move into August we will offer more in-person classes and begin "Combination Classes" and "Family Classes."


VIRTUAL CLASSES - Virtual Classes have been a ton of fun. We really enjoy connecting with you and your family members from here in Chattanooga and all over the country and even internationally. As we continue to navigate through COVID19 we are determined to keep the virtual class offering. We are upgrading technology at the classroom to better serve you during a virtual class. We have invested in things like cameras, audio equipment, and computers to make it a better, more detailed experience. Many of you have wondered how the pricing works. We have strived to keep the prices for virtual classes as low as we can to help everyone participate as much as possible. Prices will remain very low, way below market value, but after costing out the virtual classes we have determined that $35 for the "Shop Your Own Ingredients" option is reasonable as well as an increase in the price for ingredient pick up. With supply chains still interrupted the cost of food has increased significantly. We did not realize it when we started doing virtual classes that the time it takes to put them together, plus the marketing aspect, is double what it takes for an in-person class. Thanks for your understanding.

We have had many inquiries about when we will bring our Parent/Child Classes back to the schedule. With the current situation only allowing us to book the classroom at half capacity it doesn’t make sense for us to offer the Parent/Child classes in their previous format. To be completely transparent...we would only be able to book 7 or 8 reservations before the classroom is at capacity with the COVID19 restrictions. We would not be able to pay for the cost of food, staff, and utilities at that low reservation number.


When faced with a challenge a new solution arises. Instead of the Parent/Child class we will now be offering Family classes.


    COVID19 Update:

    What you can expect: You can expect to still have an amazing time at our classroom.


    For those of you who have been to our classes in the past, we will be conducting our classes in similar fashion to previous times. You will work in small groups to prepare the initial ingredients (aka the prep round) and then we will move into the cooking round where you will most likely cook in pairs. 


    Things you need to know:


    We have taken careful thought and planning into how to safely conduct cooking classes during this time. Please know that we are concerned for the health and safety of EVERYONE!


    If you have been sick, running a fever, or in contact with someone that has had COVID-19 please DO NOT come to class.


    1. Everyone’s temperature will be checked at the door. This includes all guests, chefs, and staff. Anyone with a temperature above 101 degrees will not be permitted into the classroom. We apologize for this inconvenience ahead of time. It’s not something we want to do…but it is best for the health and safety of everyone.
    2. As of July 10th, in accordance with Hamilton county, masks will be required to enter and participate in our classes. To be honest with you, I (Chef Jeff) was not in favor of this at first, but after teaching all week with a mask it really didn’t seem to change our fun, learning environment at all. Of course masks can come off while eating. Chef's will be wearing them when they are at the tables with guests. Chef’s will most likely remove their mask during demonstrations to be able to better communicate.
    3. Guests will be prompted to come to the demonstration table if they desire and keep social distancing in mind.
    4. We have added additional sanitation stations throughout the classroom.
    5. Lastly, to lower the amount of movement in the classroom as well as interactions with staff we are going to sell wine only by the bottle. Please note that any leftover wine can be taken home.



    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued support. We love having you. It’s an honor to be a part of your life.



    Chef Jeff & Chef Heather Pennypacker