Classroom Assistants

Welcome Classroom Assistants

This page is to deliver content, teaching, and training to you. We hope it enriches your personal and professional life as well as your time at the classroom.
Here is a link to our Handbook.  We believe the success of our business is "in the details." This handbook will provide a foundation of the details that matter to us. Please dive into it, learn it, and allow it to guide your time with us.


Training Videos

Cleaning and Maintenance Training Videos:

How to set up and operate the dishroom -
How to make a sanitizer bucket -
How to close down the dishroom-
How to refill the paper towel dispenser in the classroom -

How to refill the beverage station -

How to clean cast iron at the classroom -
Dishwashing tips, cutting boards, putting dishes away, how to dry plastic containers -

How to clean the windows -

Cooking Principles and Guest Service:

How to flip in a pan -
How to make an elastic dough -
How to teach the biscuit method:
How to peel and dice an onion -
How to cut a pepper -
How to greet our guests part 1 -
How to greet our guests part 2 -
How to greet our guests full version -
How to be safe at the stoves and carry hot pans - How to serve drinks from the bar -