Parent/Child Christmas Sugar Cookies - 1:30-4p Saturday, December 16th (Price includes 1 Parent & 1 Child)

Learn to decorate your holiday cookies in style. Cookie dough, glaze, icing, and sprinkles!!


Sweet and Savory Classroom, 45 E Main St Ste 112, Chattanooga, TN 37408, USA




2h 30min

About this experience

Parent/Child Christmas Sugar Cookies Class

Are you ready for holiday cookie decorating fun?

You and your child will learn how to roll sugar cookie dough, cut out cookies, make icing, glazing, and using a piping bag to make beautifully decorated cookies. This class will also include coloring icing, sprinkles, and candy decorations. The most delicious get to taste and take home all of your cookie creations!

Decorated Cookie Menu:

  • Sugar Cookie Dough

  • Buttercream Icing

  • Decorated Christmas Trees

  • Decorated Snow Globes

  • Decorated Candy Canes

Parent/Child Class Details

  • This class is for ages 5-13 years old. If your child is 14+ please look at joining the adult class.

  • The class price includes 1 adult and 1 child with each reservation.

  • Kids are not permitted to share a reservation. Each reservation is for 1 adult and 1 child.

  • If you have multiple children, each child will need thier own reservation, although one parent can accompany more than one child.

Baking Class Type:

We have many styles of classes. Baking classes focus on learning the techniques needed to accomplish your menu. It is not expected for every guest to personally make every recipe. Some ingredients may be scaled out before you arrive. In this class you may work individually and in groups.

  • This is a hands on cooking class with Chef Demonstrations, individual, and group work.

  • This class is for ages 5-13.

  • Doors open 10 minutes before class starts.

Special Instructions

This class can accommodate V, Vegetarian, Nut allergies, and most all other dietary restrictions. Please submit the form listed in the footer of our website prior to coming to class. We do our best to make substitutions. In the case we cannot substitute a suitable ingredient then it will be omitted from your ingredients.


Your Host

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We have a well trained team with years of culinary and teaching experience. Your class will be taught by one of our Chef Instructors.
It's our pleasure to cook with you!