Saturday August 1st, 5pm-8pm - Virtual Beef Wellington Class
Saturday August 1st, 5pm-8pm - Virtual Beef Wellington Class


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There are Virtual Class Options, See below.

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Virtual Beef Wellington Cooking Class
This class is going virtual! We will be LIVE!

There are 3 Options for this class.

  1. You can purchase the class for $22 (1 device) or $28 (multiple devices at same location)
  2. Pick-up ingredients from Sweet & Savory for 2 serves $62. Includes class. OR
  3. Pick-up ingredients from Sweet & Savory for 4 serves $82. Includes class.

  • For those purchasing ingredients: pick-up is Friday July 31st, 4-5pm.
  • Shopping list and equipment photo is provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Virtual instructions, code, and recipes for the class will be emailed the day before your scheduled class.

This is a family friendly class. Invite your friends and family to go virtual also!

Beef Wellington, the quintessential English masterpiece. We will perfect this item one step at a time in our signature "hands on" style so you will experience the depth of English cuisine. We will bookend this class with a modern twist to tea sandwiches and finish with a fresh berry trifle.

Hors D'oeuvres
Tea Sandwiches
Orange Marmalade Tea Sandwiches

Beef Wellington
Pea Puree
Roasted Carrots
Roasted Potatoes

Berry Trifle

Remember, this class is LIVE...You will be able to ask questions and share your video feed with us. We can help navigate you through the process, fix your mistakes, and see your successes.

This menu is simple enough for your entire family to participate. You can literally cook with people and family you know from all over the country.

This class is open to anyone who wants to cook with us! You must sign up through our website to get the virtual code needed for the live stream.

Here is the ingredient list that will be needed:
These amounts serve 2.
Remember the recipes will be emailed to you!

Baking Soda

½ tsp.

Beef Tenderloin

1 (7oz) piece


1/2 cup


6 oz.

Cake Flour

7.5 oz.




.325 oz

Dijon or English Mustard

1 T



Garlic Clove


Heavy Cream




Mushroom, Crimini (aka, Baby portabellow)


Orange marmalade

1/4 cup

Peas, frozen

1 cup

Prosciutto or ham

3 slices

Puff pastry

1/2 sheet

Pumpernickel Bread

2 slices


1/4 cup

Sour Cream

5 oz.




14 oz.


1 tsp

Vanilla Extract

2 tsp.

Yukon Gold potato


Coming Soon!

Equipment List:
Plastic Wrap
2 saute pans
Food Processor
8 inch Cake pan

2 Baking Sheets
Assorted bowls (at least 5 bowls)
Mixer with whip attachment
Measuring tools
Cutting board
Chef Knife
Pot with a steamer insert
Sauce pan or cast iron pan
Other general cooking tools. Spoons, ladles, tongs, salt, pepper, cooking oil, spatula.

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