Italian Calzones - Thursday April 15th

Authentic Calzoni originated in Naples, Italy.


In Person Class





About this experience

There is just something different…amazing even…when you steer away from the traditional pizza to indulge in a Calzone. Versatile, filling, and flavorful; Calzones are, in my opinion, the ultimate choice over pizza.

Only tastebuds can describe how pizza dough, stuffed with sausage or cheese or anything, then oiled and baked to golden brown perfection, becomes almost superior in flavor and texture.

In this class you will be making your own dough, fresh mozzarella cheese, marinara, and fillings. Then together we will shape your ingredients into a Calzones and bake it till golden brown and served with hot Marinara.


We are adding a SWEET BONUS .…we are going to make a sweetened Apple Ricotta Calzone with cinnamon sugar glaze for dessert.

When you’re done with this class you will not only have learned new cooking skills but also created a new “first love."

Home made fresh Mozzarella
Home made Marinara
Other Fillings available: White cheddar, pepperoni, Italian Sausage, fresh basil, ricotta, and roasted garlic.
Apple Ricotta Dessert Calzone.

We use fresh seasonal ingredients for the fillings and may change from class to class. Examples of fillings are Sausage, Cheese, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Ricotta, Peppers, Onions, and garlic.

Hands-on with Chef Demonstrations

This class is for age 12 and older.

Your Host

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Chef Jeff Pennypacker