Hibachi Date Night - Saturday December 18th (price includes 1 couple)

Join us for a memorable evening of food you’ll be excited to hurry and recreate with your family and friends!


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About this experience

Hibachi meaning “Fire Bowl”, is traditionally a charcoal vessel used to cook foods we associate with what is now known as “Hibachi.”

The debate over when the American obsession with Hibachi, or “Teppanyaki” style cooking began is varied; but most agree it gained popularity in the 1970’s.

One thing that is not up for debate is the love for the flair-infused styles of spatula wielding, fire slinging chefs who are masters of their griddles. Over the last few years, fans of great Japanese food have surrounded the Hibachi as Chefs command a flat-top griddle with precision, showmanship, and a penchant for making amazing food.

One thing that is always agreed on is that Hibachi style food is delicious! We have assembled a menu that will delight the appetite that craves Japanese inspired cuisine. We will make all the favorites including fried rice, vegetables, meats, and sauces- all the foods we crave when we sit down to a meal at a Hibachi restaurant. We will show you the all the techniques- (and some cool tricks!)- that make Hibachi food delicious and fun!

Gyoza (pan fried dumplings)
Vegetable Fried Rice
Chicken with Teriyaki sauce
Beef with Sweet and Spicy sauce
Shrimp with Yum Yum sauce
Classic Hibachi Vegetables

Hands-on with Chef Demonstrations

This class is for age 18 and older.

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Your class will be taught by one of our Chef Instructors.