French Croissants - Tuesday August 16th

Dough layered with butter to make the most amazing pastry!


In-Person Class




3h 30min

About this experience

This is an in person class at The Sweet and Savory Classroom This flaky rich french pastry, shaped like a crescent is one of the top 3 laminated doughs. Dough is layered with butter to make this delicate delicious pastry. You will learn the many secrets to making croissant dough. The process will include using a series of folds to create a flaky buttery croissant.

Croissant menu:

  • Butter Croissant

  • Prosciutto & Gruyere

  • Pain au Chocolat

  • Nutella Twists

  • Berry Swirls

Hands-on with Chef Demonstrations

This class is for age 12 and older.

Your Host

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Your class will be taught by one of our Chef Instructors.