Trip To Asia Camp - June 15th-18th (Tues.-Fri.) Ages 8-13

Trip To Asia Camp" - Summer 2021


In Person Class




About this experience

Camp is 9am-1pm each day (Tuesday-Friday)
Drop off: 8:50am-9am (Doors open at 8:50am)
Pick up: 1pm-1:10pm (No need to come early, 1pm is perfect!)

Camp Menu:

Day 1: Sushi
Day 2: Ramen
Day 3: Thai
Day 4: Chinese

Beverages and Lunch will be provided each day!

Your kids will love the amazing experience baking at The Sweet and Savory Classroom! The theme of this camp is "Trip To Asia!". We will be learning how to make some of our favorites!

Chef will spend 4 days of teaching your children the way around a kitchen completely "hands-on"!

Food creates such an open environment to teach our students. The students will be challenged, build confidence, learn food safety, proper kitchen sanitation, have a great time, and eat really good food! They will learn how to follow a recipe, mise en place, portion and measure ingredients, cooking techniques, and food presentation.

IMPORTANT: All parents/legal guardians must come inside and sign a waiver for their children the first day of the workshop. Each day a parent/legal guardian must come inside to pick up and drop off their child.

Your Host

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Chef Jeff Pennypacker