Parent/Child Pastries: Cream Puffs, Eclairs, and Swans - Saturday September 11th (price includes 1 parent and 1 child) 2-5pm

French Pastries at its BEST!!


In-Person Class





About this experience

In this class you will make these beautiful pastries from scratch! We will walk through the steps of making Pâte à Choux, a.k.a. Eclair Paste. We will also be making Pastry Cream (a delicious creamy vanilla filling), Fresh Whipped Cream and Ganache.

Menu will include:
Cream Puffs filled with cream and berries
Eclairs filled with pastry cream dipped in ganache
Swans filled with fresh whipped cream

This class is for children age 5-13
Price includes 1 parent and 1 child

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Chef Kami Plemons